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BRNWSH works with various industries to innovate household products and gather insights from an often hard to understand demographic, domestic workers.

Some existing clients include AVI, De'lish Baby Food and MAQ Washing Powder.


BRNWSH creates workshops that help facilitate tough but necessary conversations around social issues in South African schools and organizations. These services include mentorship and consultation support.

Some existing clients include St. John's College and Sutherland High School, who are engaging with issues of race and justice in their own ways.


BRNWSH believes that one is not truly free or empowered until they are in control of their own stories. We strive, not to tell the stories of domestic workers, but to provide the platforms in which they can tell it themselves.


BRNWSH had a radio/podcast show on CliffCentral.com called 'The MA.DE Sessions'. We ended the show 70 shows strong, to focus on its transition into a TV Talk show that will see four incredible domestic workers as hosts lead our audiences into uncharted territories on the South African condition with a level of intimacy that no one else can bring.


BRNWSH aims to create necessary opportunities not yet available to domestic workers. An example of that is in the form of a medical product called U-Care Society.

BRNWSH partnered up with U-Care Medical Centre to create an affordable quality healthcare product like no other.

At just R150/month, anyone can now sleep with peace of mind, knowing that quality healthcare is within their reach. Go to U-Care's Park Station branch to join or to sign up a domestic worker and her friends and use the Refferal Code: SPIN.



T: +27 79 2799 626

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