Welcome to the WIA Bank

Thank you for your interest in the BRNWSH Loan Fund and congratulations on
taking your first step towards financial freedom! In this welcome outline, you will find all the information you need to get support from the Fund and start getting access to loans to make your businesses grow and to ensure that you build a legacy for both you and your loved ones.

What is the BRNWSH Loan Fund?
The BRNWSH Loan Fund is a microloans fund whose aim is to support domestic workers who also run their own businesses and are in need of financial support for the purpose of growing their businesses. The greater vision is that as those businesses will flourish over the next few months or years, enough for it to become financially self-sustainable. 

Each year, lenders are required to fill in a Quality of Life Questionnaire so that the bank can evaluate if they are truly getting to a better place financially, socially and emotionally.

They are also expected to consult with our resident financial advisor to strategize healthy ways to build a relationship to debt, so that it does not become a crippling part of their lives.

How do you get a loan from the BRNWSH Loan Fund?

The first step is to come with 4 other women who are doing business and need access to microloans, with an interest in building their wealth through a supportive, strong and focused community.
This group of 5 should agree on a constitution together.

A sample constitution is below.

This is your contract with one another and with the BRNWSH Loan Fund. Each member must fill out their details in the information sheet below.

For your convenience, a checklist of items to hand in to the BRNWSH Loan Fund Team is below:
- Information sheets filled in by all 5 members

- Constitution agreed upon by all 5 members

Once you have everything ready and listed above, we will finalize your group’s registration and name.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to the BRNWSH Loan Fund and building this community of support with and for you!
With love,
The BRNWSH Loan Fund Team

Applying for a loan

Fill in the form below to have your loan application processed and get a loan.



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